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Funeral Service 殡葬服务

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Funeral Service Package


Nirvana Funeral Services offer one-stop comprehensive wake services. Everyone has the right to choose the final journey of life in a dignified, serene atmosphere. We advise, arrange and supervise funeral arrangements, covering all aspects with staff support. We dedicate our diligence right from the beginning through to the funeral day, and any further help required thereafter.


Our Funeral Service Packages


24 Hours Emergency Nirvana
Funeral Service
Nirvana Life Plan
(Funeral Service Package)
NV ELEGANT Plus 富贵安详(升级版)
Funeral Service Package
(Buddhism / Taoism)
(佛教 / 道教)
Funeral Service Package
(Christian / Catholic)
(基督教 / 天主教)
White Ladies
A Service Respect for Women
Make our future be more wonderful

24 Hours Emergency Nirvana Funeral Service


Nirvana Funeral Service Package Lowest Price

Christian Funeral Package from 基督教殡仪配套由 RM13,800++
Buddhist Funeral Package from 佛教殡仪配套由 RM18,800++

Niche Lowest Price

Single Niche from 雙位骨灰位由 RM3,250
Double Niche from 雙位骨灰位由 RM5,975


Nirvana Life Plan
(Funeral Service Package)

NV Memory 美丽人生 (Free Thinker)

Nirvana Funeral Service Package – Special Promotion
Nirvana Life Plan

Nirvana Life Plan
(Funeral Service Package)

NV ELEGANT Plus 富贵安详(升级版)

Nirvana Funeral Service Package – Special Promotion

FSP - Buddhism / Taoism

富贵圆满契约 - 佛教/道教


FSP - Christian / Catholic

富贵圆满契约 - 基督教/天主教

Whites Ladies


A Service Respect for Women 专业女性最后的尊重
The White Ladies area team of professionally trained female embalmers and beautician dedicated to rendering their immaculate services with a genuine heart for deceased female body. This will leave a comforting imprint on the spouse, parents and children who would feel more at ease with this service respect for their departed loved ones.


*Within 35km from HQ only
**Outstation charge: RM500

Pre-Planning 事前规划

Make our future be more wonderful 为你我他铺下美好的未来
By planning the funeral in advance, everything can be done properly when things happen. This will alleviate the sadness and pressure that the family experienced at that time. Your family don’t have to worry about any critical decisions they have to deal with.

We all know the importance of being prepared for the rain.
  • In order to fight the sudden onset of the disease, we are ready for medical insurance.
  • In order to have enough pension in the future, we are ready to the saving plan.
  • In order to avoid any disputes in the future, we made a will.
  • It allows you to decide on your desired service, based on your own preferred rites and rituals.
  • 为了对抗疾病突然来袭,我们准备好了医药保险。
  • 为了以后有足够的退休金,我们准备好储蓄计划。
  • 为了避免以后有任何纷争,我们做好了遗嘱。
What about the last party of our life? 那人生的最后一站呢?
  • Special price for pre-planning
  • 0% interest installment payment
  • Reduce disputes with relatives (including religious rituals, spiritual choices, funding, etc.)
  • Leave love to next generation, but not debts
  • Reduce the burden on children
  • Prevent future inflation
  • You can choose your favorite ritual or service according to your wishes
  • 事前规划有特惠价
  • 0%利息分期付款
  • 减少与亲人纷争(包括宗教仪式,灵位选择,经费等等)
  • 留给下一代是爱,而不是债
  • 减少孩子的负担
  • 抗通货膨胀
  • 可以根据自己的意愿,选择自己喜欢的仪式或服务
  • 掌控主權,有商有量,避免意見衝突,破壞感情。
  • 冷靜面對,圓滿處理,避免兒女在外,倉促決定。
  • 妥善安排,清楚交代,避免不知所措,重重打擊。
  • 愛心延續,孝心回饋,避免心煩意亂,手忙腳亂。
  • 鎖定價格,節省經費,避免通膨衝擊,額外負擔。
  • 早日投資,無憂無慮,避免無法之徒,偷搶騙刮。
  • 提前支付,免息分期,避免一次付清,加重負擔。
  • 國際品牌,專業團隊,避免任人擺佈,漫天開價。
  • 預購優惠,事前諮詢,不怕貨比三家,價格透明。
  • Be in-control of what is needed, sit-down and discuss among self, avoid any unnecessary conflicts and hard feeling.
  • Face the situation in a calm-manner to ensure a proper and complete send-off. Conclude and decide the matter in case the other children weren’t around or back in time.
  • With a proper arrangement planned ahead, and requirement are drawn, one can avoid any misjudgement which lead to wrong decision making, resulting undesired outcome.
  • Eternal love, and continuation of filial-piety is preserved. Avoid the confused and upset mind-set.
  • Early purchases, secure the price while it’s low, avoid inflation and price hike in the later years.
  • Early investment and purchase assures one a total peace of mind, avoiding one from scam of lies and cheaters in purchasing in as-need cases.
  • With low-down payment and 0% interest-free-instalment, avoid financial difficulties in paying upfront a huge lump sum which add-on the financial burden.
  • A well-established brand, Nirvana Asia, with a team of professional service providers, with no hidden-charges that shocks you at the end of day.
  • On-going promotions and professional consultancy services for your needs, there is no need to worry of going out to look for your desired ‘home’ with price trans.
Nirvana Funeral Service Package – Special Promotion

Nirvana Funeral Service Package Special Promotion

生命圆满契约(殡仪配套) - 最新优惠